awum ab

The company was founded in 2004 in order to develop, manufacture, market and sale SPEGELZOOM® by awum, the new magnifying mirror, based on an optical innovation by Annika Winell.

Ranstavägen 11
SE-749 61 Örsundsbro

+46 (0)706-312 520

+46 (0)171-460 335

Corporate organization number

VAT registration number

S| E| B, Enköping

Bank giro number


2 thoughts on “awum ab

    • Dear Jeffrey,
      Sorry to say but we don’t have any retailers in the UK. But if you want to buy a 11X magnifying mirror from us, it can be arranged in our first, and a very small webshop in English – please have a look:

      Later this spring I hope to open our Swedish webshop – in English as well.

      Please feel free to contact me again if you have any questions…

      Best regards
      Annika Winell, Awum AB
      Innovator and founder

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