Improving Your MakeUp Mirror

Does you eye look blurry in the mirror?
Does your eye look blurry in the mirror?

Why not improve your bathroom or makeup mirror? In your regular mirror the image of your eye is too small and blurry, isn’t it? And in the magnifying mirror, the image is a bit larger, but not as clear and sharp as you want it to be.
This situation is likely if you normally are using reading glasses, which most people do after 45 , when they become presbyopians. 

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror we have the best of light and that is where most women do their makeup. If not, they use a makeup mirror on a table stand. And so they want to do, but they also need a better image.
We would like to tip you off the new magnifying mirror, a Swedish invention called Spegelzoom® by awum. It improves any mirror and, thanks to its sophisticated form, it attaches closely to any other mirror or hard surface. You can easily move it and bring it when travelling.

Interested? You can get a new function on your regular/already magnifying mirror and get a clear image – without your glasses on.
Read more about the new magnifying mirror. Please contact us by mail or phone  if you want to know more. New dealers are also welcome.

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